Luxury hotels in Bénin? In Cotonou. Obviously, but not only.

Bénin has a population of over 12 million and also has 42 ethnic groups. French is also the official language, but there are over 5 more tribal languages.

Luxury hotels in Bénin

Snake Temple

The Temple of Pythons is a location in Benin. It is home to dozens of snakes bound together in an indoor pit that roams freely throughout the palace.

Young Population

The median age in Benin is 17 years old, and nearly 65% of the population is under 25. That makes it the world's tenth youngest population.

Benin Stadium


The country's national sport is soccer, and the Beninese people also enjoy traditional dancing.

Bénin’s tourism industry has grown thanks to excellent transport links, a variety of inexpensive and cheerful accommodations, and a thriving ecotourism industry. In addition, palm-fringed beaches, a large and beautiful national wildlife park, and a bustling capital city have contributed to increased tourism.