Luxury hotels in Angola? In Luanda. Obviously, but not only.

The word “ngola,” referring to Ndongo kings when the historical African kingdom of the Mbundu people was established in the late 15th or early 16th century, is where the name Angola originates.

Luxury hotels in Angola

Giant Sable Rediscovered

The Giant sable antelope, formerly thought to be extinct, was recently discovered in Angola and has become a symbol of the country.

Kalandula Waterfalls

The beautiful Kalandula waterfalls in Angola are 105 meters high and 400 meters broad. After Victoria Falls, it is the largest waterfall in Africa.



The Semba is the national dance of Angola. The term "touching of the bellies" or "massemba" is where the name "massemba" originates. The Semba is sometimes referred to as the music of the sea.

Angolan has an estimated population of 32.87 million. It has some of the most beautiful scenery, a thriving culture, and kind African residents. Luanda, the capital city, is known as the Paris of Africa for its bustling metropolitan vibe despite still being the largest and least visited. In addition to a huge number of historical attractions, the country also offers some gorgeous beaches.