Luxury hotels in France? In Paris. Obviously, but not only.

This country of romance and “savoir vivre” is full of incredible hotels, from Paris to Cannes via Lyon and Marseille. These hotels, whether they are new or historic, are true French treasures that every traveler must experience one day.

Luxury hotels in France ? Paris.
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Favorite Country

The country that receives the most international visitors in the world.

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Culinary Excellency

From wine to traditional dishes, their chefs are recognized everywhere.

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Unique events

Cannes Festival, exhibition at the Louvre, fashion shows...

The most popular tourist country worldwide is France. Every year, almost 89 million people travel to France to experience the culture and eat the cuisine.

The biggest art museum in the world is the Louvre Museum in Paris, France. This museum is so large that it would take almost 100 days to look at every item of art if you wanted to spend 30 seconds per one.