Royal Palace Hotel

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Royal Palace Hotel is located in Juba, 4.3 km from John Garang Memorial, 12.6 km from Juba Game Reserve, 2.5 km from the White Nile, and 3.1 km from Juba Airport.

Locations close to the hotel

These are the locations close to Royal Palace Hotel.

Location Meters Miles
Hai Amarat Wastewater pond
2800 meters
1.74 miles
Boda Boda Park
3700 meters
2.3 miles
Juba Game Reserve
7000 meters
4.35 miles
Juba Airport
4400 meters
2.73 miles

Facilities and Services at Royal Palace Hotel Juba

The Royal Palace Hotel has a garden, free shuttle service, room service, and a terrace. There is also a restaurant and a bar at the hotel.


Amenities at the hotel

  • Free Wifi

    There is free WiFi throughout the hotel.

  • Free Parking

    Royal Palace Hotel Juba parking services are free for all guests at the hotel.

  • Fitness Center

    Royal Palace Hotel Juba gym is available to guests.

  • Spa

    Royal Palace Hotel Juba spa is available to guests.

  • Swimming Pool

    The hotel has an outdoor pool.

  • Currency Exchange

    The hotel offers currency exchange services.

Royal Palace Hotel Pool
Royal Palace Hotel gym
Royal Palace Hotel Restaurant

Royal Palace Hotel Juba Rooms

The hotel rooms at Royal Palace Hotel have air conditioning, an electric teapot, a flat-screen TV, and a closet. Some rooms also have a balcony and fridges are provided for specific rooms.

Accommodation Size
Superior Double Room

Room features


  • Air conditioning
  • Flat-screen TV
  • Bathrobe, Slippers & Towels
  • Toilet
  • Bath or shower
  • Refrigerator
  • Ironing facilities
  • Tea/Coffee maker
  • Hairdryer


Royal Palace Hotel Juba Restaurant

Royal Palace Hotel Juba restaurant serves a buffet and continental breakfast options.

Other restaurants nearby


  • Istanbul Restaurant
  • Dallas Fast Food & Juices
  • Holiday restaurant


Royal Palace Hotel Juba Prices

Royal Palace Hotel Juba’s room prices vary depending on your stay’s duration.

Accommodation Price
Superior Double Room

Royal Palace Hotel Juba Reviews


This is one of the most beautiful hotels in Juba. It has a pool as well as luxurious rooms that have modern door locks. The food is excellent and plentiful, and the bar is luxurious and well-lit. The rooms are clean and well-furnished, and the staff is friendly and helpful.

- HotelStick's Team

Here is a video of Royal Palace Hotel Juba.

Check-in Check-out
12 noon - 10 pm
10 am - 11 am

Royal Palace Hotel Juba Contact Information

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