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Sinner Paris is a standard five-star hotel in the city of Paris, staying here makes you rediscover the history and glitter of Paris as the hotel offers its unique perspective on the city. There are nearby metro stations that make navigating the city quite easy.

Locations close to the hotel

These are the locations close to Sinner Paris Hotel.

Location Meters Miles
Square du Temple
250 meters
0.16 miles
Musee des Arts et Metiers
300 meters
0.19 miles
Square du Général Morin
350 meters
0.22 miles
Jardin des Archives Nationales
350 meters
0.22 miles
Musée National Picasso-Paris
450 meters
0.28 miles
Pompidou Center
500 meters
0.31 miles
Square Charles Victor Langlois
500 meters
0.31 miles
Square Émile Chautemps
550 meters
0.34 miles
Fontaine Stravinsky
600 meters
0.37 miles
Square Léopold Achille
650 meters
0.4 miles
Sainte Chapelle
1300 meters
0.81 miles
Louvre Museum
1600 meters
0.99 miles
Cluny Museum
1800 meters
1.12 miles
Tuileries Garden
2200 meters
1.37 miles
Luxembourg Gardens
2300 meters
1.43 miles
Eiffel Tower
4700 meters
2.92 miles
Arc de Triomphe
4800 meters
2.98 miles
Le Bourget Airport
12000 meters
7.46 miles
Orly Airport
15000 meters
9.32 miles
Domaine of Madame Elisabeth
17000 meters
10.56 miles
Palace of Versailles
19000 meters
11.81 miles
Charles De Gaulle Airport
22000 meters
13.67 miles

Facilities and Services at Sinner Paris Hotel

From the time you enter the hotel, the service is friendly and attentive. A receptionist is on hand to escort visitors to their rooms. With a morning newspaper, jogging guide, electric car, and restaurant reservation, the concierge can help guests.

Amenities at the hotel

  • Free Wifi

    There is fast and free Wifi access for all guests.

  • Free Parking

    Sinner Paris parking services are free for all guests at the hotel.

  • Spa

    Sinner Paris spa and sauna are available to guests.

  • Heated Pool

    The hotel has a heated pool available for all guests.

  • Pets

    Sinner Paris Hotel allows pets on request.

Sinner Paris Hotel front desk
Sinner Paris pool
Sinner Paris Spa
Sinner Paris Restaurant

Sinner Paris Hotel Rooms

Pearl-white and cardinal-red materials are combined with light wood parquet in the rooms’ interior design. Curated photographs are displayed on the walls, and a fitted wardrobe with a yoga mat and weights. You can pass the time on the bookshelves by perusing a wide selection of glossy art and photography books, as well as the most recent book by French author Emmanuelle de Boysson.

Accommodation Size
Classic Room
Superior Room
Deluxe Room
Executive Room
Adjoining Deluxe
Sinner Suite

Room features 

  • Bathrobes 
  • Air conditioning 
  • Room service 
  • Interconnected rooms 
  • Minibar


Sinner Paris Hotel Restaurant

At the eateries, visitors can order any dish they like. Fresh pomegranate juice, vegetable shots, black truffle shavings, or eggs with caviar and traditional French pastries are all on the breakfast menu. 

Vegetarians can choose from tacos and ceviche, as well as Amber Jack with jalapeno sauce and miso flakes.

Sinner Paris restaurant

Other restaurants close to the hotel 

  • Thai Nam 
  • Social square 
  • Dessance 
  • Paris Rome 
  • Manfred

Sinner Paris Hotel Prices

Sinner Paris’s room prices vary depending on your stay’s duration.

Accommodation Price
Classic Room
Superior Room
Deluxe Room
Executive Room
Adjoining Deluxe
Sinner Suite

Sinner Paris Hotel Reviews


The Sinner Paris Hotel is nicely positioned. On arrival, there were quite a few staff milling around the entrance. I was checked in quickly and led by the candlelight to my suite. The rooms at Sinner Paris are amazing.

- HotelStick's Team

Here is a video of Sinner Paris Hotel.

Check-in Check-out
3 pm - midnight
Until 12 noon

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