Luxury hotels in England? In London. Obviously, but not only.

This country is the center of commerce in Europe, and a large number of people visiting the country yearly do so for business-related reasons. The major cities are London, Manchester, Liverpool, and Leeds.

The city of London

Central London

The center for business in Europe

Culinary Excellency

England has a lot of historic site that would be nice for tourist to visit such as; Westminster Abbey, and Windsor Castle

Unique events

There are festivals in the city of London around Trafalgar Square also attractions like the London Eye

More than 59 million people live in England, which is bordered by Wales and Scotland on the land. The North Sea and the English Channel also isolate it from mainland Europe. English is the official language of England, and the British Pound is the national currency.

England is a country rich in history and tradition, which is quite evident in the structures of its buildings. It’s one of the best places to visit, work, and raise a family.