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Nobu Hotel is in Marbella, one of Europe’s top destinations for jet-setters seeking sea, sun relaxation, and interesting nightlife.

Río Verde Beach, the nearest beach to the hotel, is 500 meters from the hotel.

Locations close to the hotel

  • Roman Villa of Rio Verde
  • Avenida del Mar
  • Nagüeles
  • Riohuelo
  • Plaza de Monseñor Rodrigo Bocanegra
  • Plaza de Antonio Banderas
  • Parque de los enamorados
  • Plaza Juan Romero
  • Vigil de Quiñones
  • Parque El Mirador

Facilities and Services at Nobu Hotel Marbella

The hotel arranges for its guests’ reservations for local excursions, boat rides, and rounds of golf. In addition, high-end restaurants, a lounge, and a nightclub can be found in the lively hub of the resort’s dining with entertainment options, La Plaza Village, an open-plan gallery area. 

Children are allowed in all the hotel rooms, but the pool is off limits, and they can’t be anywhere around the Plaza after midnight. Pets are also allowed to stay in the hotel rooms for a fee of  $20 a night.

The hotel amenities include

  • Free Wifi

    There is fast and free Wifi access for all guests.

  • Free Parking

    Nobu Hotel Marbella parking services are free for all guests at the hotel.

  • Fitness Center

    Nobu Hotel Marbella gym features a treadmill, weights and other cardiovascular equipment. It is open 24 hours of the day.

  • Spa

    Nobu Hotel Marbella spa and sauna are available for guests at the hotel.

  • Swimming Pool

    The hotel pool is available for all guests.

  • Tennis Court

    Guests can play tennis at the hotel

  • Currency Exchange

    The hotel offers currency exchange services for its international guests.

Nobu Hotel Marbella pool
Nobu Hotel Marbella gym
Nobu Hotel Marbella beach
Nobu Hotel Marbella restaurant
Nobu Hotel Marbella spa

Nobu Hotel Marbella Rooms

Every room in the hotel has a view of the resort’s Plaza square.

Accommodation Beds Max Occupation Size
Deluxe Rooms
Junior Suites
Studio Suites
Nobu Suite
Nobu Family Junior Suite
Four Bedroom Suite

The amenities of the hotel rooms

  • Flatscreen TV
  • Marble bathroom with a rain-fall shower
  • Espresso coffee machine
  • Minibar
  • In-room safe
  • Tablet

Nobu Hotel Marbella Restaurant

Years of studying Japanese cuisine in Tokyo and extensive trips through South America impacted Chef Nobu Matsuhisa and the famed Nobu menu. 

Nobu Hotel Marbella menu

The extensive appreciation of flavors creates the distinctive “Nobu Style”, permeating every Nobu meal served anywhere in the world. The creative menu offers delectable specialty dishes from Japanese cuisine, including:

  • Andalusian-inspired specialties
  • Black cod miso
  • Rockfish tempura

Other dining options at the hotel

  • Nobu Bar
  • Nobu Brunch
  • Chiringuito
  • La Plaza
  • Sea Grill
  • Les Jardins Du Liban
  • La Selva
  • Supperclub
  • La Suite
  • Dani Garcia Restaurant
  • Thai Gallery

Nobu Hotel Marbella Prices

The prices of rooms at Nobu Hotel Marbella vary depending on the duration of your stay.

Accommodation Price
Deluxe Rooms
Junior Suites
Studio Suites
Nobu Suite
Nobu Family Junior Suite
Four Bedroom Suite

Nobu Hotel Marbella Reviews


The hotel is fantastic, with wonderful employees who are all very welcoming and helpful. It also has amazing housekeeping standards. However, choosing an inside room at the hotel is advised because previous guests have reported that the noise level coming from the Plaza at night is quite high.

- HotelStick's Team

Here is a video of Nobu Hotel Marbella.

Check-in Check-out
From 3 pm
Until 12 noon

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